Ecowood’s Bedding Wood Pellets are fast becoming the preferred choice of many horse owners as the modern way to provide bedding for their animals.

Ecowood’s Bedding Pellets are saving customers both time and money over using traditional shavings with a 15kg bag being equivalent to 1.5 bales of shavings and reduced labour costs of 30% as bedding is only added once a week and only wet bedding and manure is removed.

If Bedding Pellets are a new concept for you why not take a moment to view our “How to use wood pellets for equine bedding” video by clicking here.

See for yourself how clean and easy to use Ecowood Premium Grade Bedding Pellets are as well as saving you time and money!

It really is an easy decision to change.

If you require more information please go the to FAQ’s section on our web site or you can speak directly to a member of our staff on 01823 680546.

Also don’t forget we offer free delivery throughout the UK and for a limited period we are offering 5% off all orders!


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