Why use wood fuel pellets?

The benefits of using wood pellets from Ecowood Pellets.

Installation – wood pellet burners can be installed in homes or facilities where gas supplies aren’t available, and are particularly popular where storage space for encroaching oil tanks is limited or unwanted.

Low Price – Fuel pellets are cheap! Check out this brilliant free calculator which estimates your potential savings based on your current fueling method.

Control – Most modern wood or fuel pellet stoves, burners or boilers are able to regulate their temperature remotely from a smartphone. Furthermore, it’s heat on demand as and when you want it, reducing the chances of spending money heating an empty building. As well as a variable heat output.

Buy Direct – Buy wood fuel pellets online from us, the manufacturer, directly with free delivery! This cuts out the middleman and saving you money. To top it all off, our low cost wood pellets are charged at just 5% VAT thanks to the Government’s efforts to move towards sustainable fuel sources.

Funding – You could be eligible for funding from the Government for switching to a renewable heating system via the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). This is a government financial incentive encouraging the UK to reduce carbon emissions and is for houses both on and off the gas supply grid. Find out how much you could be granted for switching to a wood or fuel pellet boiler here.

Further benefits of using pellets for fuel

Wood was used to produce heat long before fossil fuels became readily available. Its popularity is returning for several reasons:

  • Recent huge increases in fossil fuel prices with worries of supplies running out or rationed.
  • Damage caused to the environment by use of fossil fuels.
  • Wood is “carbon neutral”. In that the CO2 is taken from the atmosphere by trees during their life, which is released back when burnt, or during the natural process of decay. In a sustainably managed forest, wood is never removed faster than it is added by new growth.
  • Wood pellets are easily transported either in bag or in bulk.
  • Modern pellet boilers can be as easy to use as an oil burner. They can be thermostatically controlled with automatic ignition and a feed system that conveys product from either an internal or external store.
  • Pellets have low moisture content resulting in high use of energy value.
  • There is minimal ash.
  • Wood in pellet form is an appropriate form of fuel for residential or commercial buildings of all types.

Pellet Quality / Specification

  • Chain of custody FSC certified
  • 6mm wood pellets
  • 100% Softwood from virgin raw material
  • Manufactured to EN plus A1 standard (EN 14961-2)
  • Registered on UK Government Biomass Suppliers List (BSL) Reg No: BSL 0154805-0001

Certified Fuel Pellets

All wood pellets supplied are Forest Stewardship Council Certified