Wood pellets are a fantastic way to effectively look after and care for your horse. Wood pellets provide a comfortable yet economic solution for horse bedding.

Wood pellets are very absorbent so if your stable is a bit damp then wood pellets are a great way to soak up any unwanted moisture and ensures your horses will sleep in a dry and comfortable area.

It’s important to know how to lay the pellets out in order to make the most of your purchase and to ensure that they last for as long as possible.

Follow the steps below to use wood pellets effectively for horse bedding:

1 – Place Bags evenly spaced on a clean stable


2 – Cut bags open


3 – Apply 1 gallon of water per bag


4 – Wait a few minutes while the pellets expand – look for fluffy but not mushy consistency


5 – Empty bags and spread evenly – a depth of 10-12cm is recommended


Using wood pellets makes it easy to muck out as they won’t stick to everything like shavings do. They provide a versatile option and can suit the needs of any horse.

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