Wood pellets are becoming increasingly popular for plenty of reasons, many of them concerning the environment, for you to think about changing your heating system from traditional oil, gas and electric to biomass or wood fuel pellets, which include the following:

bags of wood pellets

How to buy wood pellets online

At Ecowood Pellets, part of the Brookridge Group, we are able to provide free delivery to mainland UK.  Check out our delivery information here.

Even better, we’re currently offering a 5% discount in order to free up some of our warehouse space while a part of our site is being rebuilt (while stocks last).

wood pellets burning in pellet burner

Cheap wood pellets thanks to just 5% VAT!

Yes, you read correctly.  At the moment, thanks to the UK Government’s push towards sustainable energy, you can pick up premium wood pellets and pay just 5% VAT if they are going to be used as fuel pellets.

Buy online now >

Fuel pellet suppliers can save you money

But how much?  Thankfully, Mersey Forest have created a calculator which enables you to compare the cost of your current heating fuel against the cost of using wood pellets, just like our premium wood pellets form Ecowood.  Take a look at the calculator here.

wood fuel pellets in pellet burner

Take a look at our video

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