Wood pellets are becoming increasingly popular for plenty of reasons, many of them concerning the environment, for you to think about changing your heating system from traditional oil, gas and electric to biomass or wood fuel pellets, which include the following:

  • The price of our wood pellets has actually fallen over the past couple of years.
  • When wood is sourced from a sustainable managed forest, like all of our wood fuel pellets, trees are never removed faster than they are replaced by new growth.  This makes for a far better option than burning irreplaceable fossil fuels, which cause much more damage and pollution to the environment.
  • The CO2 that wood pellets omit once burnt is offset by the amount of oxygen the tree produced throughout its lifetime. This results in no net release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, known as Carbon Neutral.
  • It can be a brilliant step towards reducing a household or organisation’s efforts to lower cost and impact that its operations has on the environment.  It can often be a quick win when attempting to reduce carbon figures to meet new legislation or initiatives set by people themselves.
  • Wood pellet boilers have become much more advanced in recent years, and there has never been a better time to buy one.  Fuel pellet boilers are now no more difficult to maintain than oil burners, with automatic controls and programmable features.  They are also a lot more pretty, as product designers begin to spot a gap in the market for those who still want their homes to look modern but are committed to environmental impact too.
  • While fossil fuel prices fluctuate erratically with economic and political uncertainty, wood fuel pellets are sourced from either right here in the UK, Scandinavia or Europe where the price is much more stable.
  • Transportation of the fuel is made easy thanks to individually packaged 15kg bags, and with a low moisture content, premium wood fuel pellets have a high energy value, giving you more heat for your buck!

bags of wood pellets

How to buy wood pellets online

At Ecowood Pellets, part of the Brookridge Group, we are able to provide free delivery to mainland UK.  Check out our delivery information here.

Even better, we’re currently offering a 5% discount in order to free up some of our warehouse space while a part of our site is being rebuilt (while stocks last).

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Cheap wood pellets thanks to just 5% VAT!

Yes, you read correctly.  At the moment, thanks to the UK Government’s push towards sustainable energy, you can pick up premium wood pellets and pay just 5% VAT if they are going to be used as fuel pellets.

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Fuel pellet suppliers can save you money

But how much?  Thankfully, Mersey Forest have created a calculator which enables you to compare the cost of your current heating fuel against the cost of using wood pellets, just like our premium wood pellets form Ecowood.  Take a look at the calculator here.

wood fuel pellets in pellet burner

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