How Long Will Wood Pellets Last?

Wood pellets provide an environmental and economic energy solution for private and commercial properties. Wood pellets are perfect for use as a fuel as they are renewable and cost effective. The densely packed pellets offer a high energy output and help provide renewable energy for homes and buildings. How long will wood pellets burn for? […]

How to Set Up a Wood Pellet Stove

Wood pellet stoves are a great feature of any home or building. They are eco-friendly and can help save money on energy. Wood pellets are made from recycled wood shavings and provide a reliable source of heat and energy for homes and commercial buildings. The stoves are a convenient way to burn wood pellets in […]

How to use Wood Pellets for Horse Bedding

Wood pellets are a fantastic way to effectively look after and care for your horse. Wood pellets provide a comfortable yet economic solution for horse bedding. Wood pellets are very absorbent so if your stable is a bit damp then wood pellets are a great way to soak up any unwanted moisture and ensures your […]

Is it Finally Times You Got a Wood Pellet Stove?

Is it Finally Times You Got a Wood Pellet Stove? A crackling log fire is synonymous with the British winter. It helps most of us get through those cold, long nights. And as gas, oil, and electricity prices rise, it looks like installing open log fires or stove burners provide the best option for many […]

The Buyer’s Guide to Biomass Pellets

Buying Biomass Wood Pellets Online Biomass wood pellets are derived from trees and can be used for a variety of reasons, including fuel. The popularity of biomass for fuel is continuing to increase as it provides a sustainable and cheap way to fuel both domestic and commercial buildings. Biomass pellets are compressed organic matter that […]

5 Reasons why Horses make the Best Pets

Horses are unique animals and they have always been seen as a sought after pet. But do horses make good pets? And if so, what kind of advantages does keeping horses have? To decide what makes a good pet depends on what you want from a pet so let’s look at the benefits of keeping […]

If you are a cat owner make sure you don’t miss out on these tips

Ultimate tips for every cat owner We all know that cats have a huge capacity to receive affection and its just impossible to resist the impulse to stroke them whenever “they” request it. Did you also know that our loveable pets are not only incredibly fussy about what they eat and whose lap they are […]

The perfect time to start using wood pellets

Wood pellets are becoming increasingly popular for plenty of reasons, many of them concerning the environment, for you to think about changing your heating system from traditional oil, gas and electric to biomass or wood fuel pellets, which include the following: The price of our wood pellets has actually fallen over the past couple of […]

Wood Pellets for Horse Bedding

Ecowood’s Bedding Wood Pellets are fast becoming the preferred choice of many horse owners as the modern way to provide bedding for their animals. Ecowood’s Bedding Pellets are saving customers both time and money over using traditional shavings with a 15kg bag being equivalent to 1.5 bales of shavings and reduced labour costs of 30% […]