Full Pallet (60 x 15kg bags) - £420

Half Pallet (30 x 15kg bags) - £234

Quarter Pallet (15 x 15kg bags) - £144

Premium Litter Pellets

Ecowood Litter pellets are manufactured from clean wood fibre residues from the sawmilling industry and are of the highest quality.

By choosing Ecowood Litter pellets you can be sure your cat is getting the best available pellets at great value.

Ecowood Pellets from Brookridge

What are the benefits for using pellets for animal litter?

  1. Wood pellets have exceptionally high liquid absorbency.
  2. Ecowood cat litter is clean and safe to handle with no additives.
  3. Made from 100% pure softwood which smells natural and fresh.
  4. Wood pellets are up to three times more absorbent than some other types of cat litter making then very economical.

Pellet Quality / Specification

  • Chain of custody FSC certified
  • 6mm Pellets
  • 100% Softwood from virgin raw material

Certified Pellets

All pellets supplied are Forest Stewardship Council Certified (FSC). By buying products with the FSC label you are supporting the growth of responsible forest management worldwide.

Customer Reviews


“Delivery was fast and they answered all my questions about BSL. Very pleased and will recommend.”


“Tried pellets for horse bedding for the first time and I won't be going back. Much easier and saves me time every day.”