How to use wood pellets for equine bedding

Advantages and benefits of using wood pellets for horse bedding…

One of the major benefits of wood pellet bedding is a predicted 40-60% reduction in waste material (soiled bedding) that is generated.

A wood pellet bed is highly absorbent and soaks up urine rapidly, creating a confined wet spot which can be easily removed.

Additionally, wood pellets give enhanced compostability over traditional bedding which means that a higher proportion of manure to bedding can be removed from the loose box to go to the compost heap. Environmentally, this can be seen as a positive step in reducing the volume of waste material produced.

Manure can be sifted out easily from the bedding so the time taken to clean the loose box is greatly reduced due to the fact you are not removing good bedding with the soiled bedding. This in turn leads to savings in material costs.

STEP 1 – Clean Area

Before you begin, it is important to thoroughly clean out the loose box down to the floor. Once all debris has been removed, place the appropriate number of 15kg bags of wood pellets evenly across the floor.

STEP 2 – Open Wood Pellet Bags and Moisten

Open the top of the bags with a sharp object. Add water to the bags in order for the pellets to create a soft consistency. We would advise 4.5 litres (1 gallon) per 15kg bag of wood pellets.

STEP 3 – Consistency

Once you have added water to the bags, wait several minutes until the pellets break down into a fluffy consistency.

STEP 4 – Spread Evenly

Once a fluffy consistency has been reached, empty the bags and spread evenly throughout with an average depth of 10cm to 12cm. You’re done!