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Biomass wood pellets are derived from trees and can be used for a variety of reasons, including fuel. The popularity of biomass for fuel is continuing to increase as it provides a sustainable and cheap way to fuel both domestic and commercial buildings.

Biomass pellets are compressed organic matter that are shaped into small pellets. Biomass is a term used for all organic material, however, it mostly refers to wood. Due to the vague definition of biomass, it is always worth looking into the composition and background of the biomass manufacturer. Pellets made up of lower quality biomass are likely to provide less efficient heating and energy as the pellet burns.

Quality Biomass Wood Pellets

Here at Ecowood Wood Pellets, we take pride in producing high quality biomass wood pellets. All wood pellets are manufactured using clean wood fibres from softwood residues from the sawmilling industry. We are confident our wood fuel pellets are of the highest quality and are certified (FSC) to give reassurance that the timber used to produce them comes from a legal and renewable resource.

These wood pellets are suitable for common fuel pellet stoves, central heating furnaces and the fuel pellet boilers.

All pellets are 6mm in size and are 100% Softwood from virgin raw material.


Our biomass fuel pellets are designed to be extremely dense and pack as much solid material into the pellets as possible. This ensures a pellet that will burn well and release a high amount of energy. They also have a very low moisture content (below 10%) that allows them to be burned with a very high combustion efficiency.

Ecowood Pellets’ biomass fuel pellets is classified as ‘virgin wood.’ This wood is taken from forestry and arboricultural activities or from wood processing. There are 4 other categories that biomass pellets can be made out of; energy crops, agricultural residues, food waste and industrial/manufacturing waste. These are often lower in quality and don’t produce the same effectiveness for releasing energy as wood pellets.

Benefits of Biomass Fuel

Energy and fuel are important aspects of modern life and biomass fuel provides benefits for both the consumer and the environment.

Biomass wood pellets are considered carbon neutral as the carbon they release when they are burnt, is evened out for the carbon the tree absorbs during its lifespan. This makes it a sustainable and innovative solution to combat climate change.

Working closely with forestry organisations, the production of wood pellets can have very little impact on the environment and can produce a completely renewable source of energy. This means our dependence on fossil fuels reduces and people are able to heat their homes in a more effective way.

The price of biomass fuel is also much more stable than other fuels. The price is not as volatile as fossil fuels so it is a good decision financially.

Buying in Bulk

Biomass wood pellets provide great value for money but can provide even more benefits when buying in bulk. If you have storage, then buying larger quantities can save a lot of money in the long run. Storage is important though so make sure you have a space that is absolutely dry and won’t allow moisture in. Moisture, even a small amount will degrade the biomass pellets.

If you’re looking to buy biomass pellets over a long period, then looking to install a small outdoor building is a great option. Ensuring the bags of pellets are kept off the ground will protect them from moisture. You can create custom sized outdoor buildings that fit the surroundings and this can mean buying biomass fuel in bulk and saving more money.

Final Thoughts

Biomass wood pellets are a great option for people wanting a clean, cheap and innovative energy supply.

All our wood pellets supplied are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified which gives reassurance that the timber used to produce them comes from a legal and renewable resource. Buy wood pellets online today from £4.06 per 15kg bag with free UK delivery.


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