Ultimate tips for every cat owner

We all know that cats have a huge capacity to receive affection and its just impossible to resist the impulse to stroke them whenever “they” request it.

Did you also know that our loveable pets are not only incredibly fussy about what they eat and whose lap they are going to sit on next, they are also very fussy about their cat litter!

In our desire to cater for their every whim and to do our very best for our furry friends, many cat owners are switching to Ecowood Cat Litter Pellets to further pamper their pets.

Made from high quality softwood and sourced from responsibly managed forests it is processed and pelletised with no additives or glues. For the Cat, it’s very comfortable and pleasant to use.

As well as a happy cat,  cat owners everywhere can benefit by switching to Ecowood Cat Litter Pellets as they offer many advantages:

⁃    made from 100% biodegradable wood, so its easy to dispose of
⁃    offer high absorbency
⁃    low dust
⁃    lightweight
⁃    effective at controlling odours
⁃    economical
⁃    don’t stick to paws so less vacuuming

Ecowood Cat Litter Pellets simply make a necessary chore more convenient.

Rio is fifteen and he has recently switched to Ecowood Cat Litter Pellets – he’s never had it so good!

Take a look at wood pellets for cat litter from Ecowood Pellets

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