Full Pallet (60 x 15kg bags) - £420

Half Pallet (30 x 15kg bags) - £234

Quarter Pallet (15 x 15kg bags) - £144

Premium Equine Pellets

Absorbent, economical and easy to use!

Ecowood Bedding pellets are manufactured from clean wood fibre residues from the sawmilling industry and are of the highest quality. Wood pellets are an environmentally friendly and economical solution for horse bedding.

One of the major benefits of using wood pellets for your horse’s bedding is a reduction in waste. Wood pellets are highly absorbent, soaking up urine quickly and effectively, alongside reducing waste odor. It is estimated that wood pellets absorb nine times more fluid than regular shavings.

Using our super absorbent pellets can reduce the amount of waste material (soiled bedding) that is generated and save time in cleaning out your stable.

Ecowood Equine Bedding Pellets

What are the benefits for using pellets for equestrian bedding?

  1. When moistened, pellets provide a soft and absorbent bed for a horse which is both dry and comfortable.
  2. Manure can be sifted out easily from the bedding so the time taken to clean the loose box is greatly reduced due to the fact you are not removing good bedding with the soiled bedding. This in turn leads to savings in material costs.
  3. The increased absorbency of pellets gives a drier environment for your horse that is cleaner and healthier.
  4. Wood pellets give enhanced compostability over traditional bedding which means that a higher proportion of manure to bedding can be removed from the loose box to go to the compost heap. A predicted 40-60% reduction in waste material (soiled bedding) is produced.

Pellet Quality / Specification

  • Chain of custody FSC certified
  • 6mm Pellets
  • 100% Softwood from virgin raw material

Certified Pellets

All pellets supplied are Forest Stewardship Council Certified (FSC). By buying products with the FSC label you are supporting the growth of responsible forest management worldwide.

Customer Reviews


“Delivery was fast and they answered all my questions about BSL. Very pleased and will recommend.”


“Tried pellets for horse bedding for the first time and I won't be going back. Much easier and saves me time every day.”