Ecowood Pellets manufacture and import high-quality Premium Grade wood pellets for use as fuel pellets, equine bedding pellets and cat litter pellets.


All supplied are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified which gives reassurance that the timber used to produce them comes from a legal and renewable resource. Buy online today from £6.13 per 15kg bag with free delivery throughout most of the UK.

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BURNING PELLETS (Includes VAT at 5%) 15kg Bags

Wood Pellets BSL 0541988-0002 < 10% MC

HORSE BEDDING PELLETS (Includes VAT at 20%) 15kg Bags

CAT LITTER PELLETS (Includes VAT at 20%) 15kg Bags

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Environmentally Friendly

Responsible Fuel

Financially Positive

Sustainable Energy

Pallet Sizes - 15kg Bags

Full Pallet
(60 x 15kg Bags)

Half Pallet
(30 x 15kg Bags)

Quarter Pallet
(15 x 15kg Bags)

Customer Reviews


“Delivery was fast and they answered all my questions about BSL. Very pleased and will recommend.”


“Tried pellets for horse bedding for the first time and was very pleased. Much easier and saves me time every day.”