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Pellets from Ecowood

Ecowood Pellets manufacture and import high-quality Premium Grade wood pellets for use as fuel pellets, equine bedding pellets and cat litter pellets.

All supplied are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified which gives reassurance that the timber used to produce them comes from a legal and renewable resource. Buy online today from £4.73 per 15kg bag with free delivery throughout most of the UK.

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Using pellets for fuels?

Environmentally Conscious

Responsible Fuel

Financially Positive

Sustainable Energy

At Ecowood Pellets we know that using pellets for fuel has many benefits. Environmentally it is a renewable source, but in addition there are financial benefits too. Buying fuel pellets intended for fuel use reduces the payable tax to 5%. For any questions about our product or incentives available when using renewable fuels, get in touch with one of our experts today.

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Fuel Wood Pellets

NOW £4.73 PER 15KG BAG

Environmentally friendly, top quality wood fuel pellets for pellet boilers.



Bedding Pellets

NOW £5.44 PER 15KG BAG

Toxin free horse bedding pellets suitable for equestrian and livestock use.

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Cat Litter Pellets

NOW £5.44 PER 15KG BAG

Bagged cat litter pellets with exceptionally high liquid absorbancy.

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Bulk Fuel Pellets

NOW £4.73 PER 15KG BAG

Our environmentally friendly, carbon neutral fuel pellets are available in bulk.

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Horse Bedding Wood Pellets

Ecowood equine bedding pellets are manufactured from clean wood fibre residues from the sawmilling industry and are of the highest quality.

With superb environmental credentials, our wood pellets can provide a soft and absorbent bed for a horse which is both dry and comfortable.

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Why use wood pellets for fuel?

Renewable, environmentally friendly wood pellets.

Using wood fuel pellets from Ecowood Pellets can substantially reduce your fuel bills. Environmentally friendly pellets boilers, now used throughout the country, offer a cost saving and simple heating solution that fits with modern demands. Our fuel pellets are available for just £4.27 per 15kg bag with free delivery throughout mainland UK.

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Benefits of pellets for Cat Litter?

Comfort for your cat!

Our wood pellets provide a friendly bedding solution for your feline! Perfect for catteries, our wood pellets are highly absorbent, non-clumping, easy to use and are effective at controlling odours. Ecowood Pellets are manufactured and pelletised with no additives or glues, and are 100% sterile. Soiled cat litter pellets leave un-soiled bedding to remain.

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